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At CommuterLink, we work closely with companies both big and small, helping them to analyze their employees' commuting needs and implement customized programs to meet those needs.

Auritt Comunications Group Lorinda Chamberlain
Auritt Communications Group

"Auritt Communications Company is a productions company that's based in Times Square. Everybody in my company comes from different areas... and we wanted to make it easy for them to be able to afford to commute. I started looking on the Internet for some solutions and I came across CommuterLink. They were very helpful. Immediately, they described the Pre-Tax Solution to me and I knew that was the one for us. CommuterLink was able to guide us in the right direction. When we selected the provider, it was just right for us."

Auritt Comunications Group Manny Cabrero
Metrotech Bid

"As MetroTech grew, more of the buildings came online and more people came to work at MetroTech. The transportation issues became a greater concern and it presented a problem for people that were being transferred there. Employee retention was a concern. What CommuterLink did for the employees in our center was very specific and direct – carpooling services, routing, guaranteed ride home. Basically, what CommuterLink does for employers at MetroTech is help them to retain their employees by offering various kinds of transportation solutions."

Auritt Comunications Group Manny Cabrero
Metrotech Bid

"MetroTech is large enough but when we acquired the management of the Fulton Mall, we now needed a vehicle to get around, so we went to CommuterLink and they told us about the NYCCE program. They actually faxed us the application and we were able to purchase a vehicle that was efficient. We're very happy."