Free Commuter Services
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Give your employees commuting options they'll appreciate. For free.

Having alternatives available to driving alone can increase employee productivity, loyalty and happiness. CommuterLink offers your employees realistic choices that make it easier and less expensive for them to commute, all with no obligation. When your company supports and promotes these commuting alternatives, it can qualify for valuable incentives such as tax savings, subsidies and grants. Our free commuter services include:

Transit Trip Planning

Customized, door-to-door transit routes for available bus, train, subway and ferry services with time and connection details, as well as needed maps and schedules.


Carpooling: Commuters can easily find others living and working in close proximity using our extensive online ridematching database.

Vanpooling: CommuterLink will graphically map out potential vanpool routes based on where people live and where they're going. In addition, we'll initiate contact between interested riders, set up meetings, introduce riders to a van leasing company, and even make up for any loss in funds from an empty seat in the vanpool (limitations apply).

Guaranteed Ride Home: CommuterLink offers a generous Guaranteed Ride Home subsidy, which reimburses carpool/vanpool riders if they're unable to travel with their carpool or vanpool buddies for any reason.

Variable Work Hours

Modifying the work schedules of some employees can be a smart solution that saves on both office space and parking. Two common options are:


It's a growing trend in today's workplace. With high-speed Internet access to keep everyone connected, companies are letting certain employees work from home or other off-site locations. Companies benefit from reduced demand for parking and office space. Evidence suggests telecommuters are more productive, too. Plus, if you start a telework program, you could qualify to become one of the Best Workplaces for Commuters.

Biking and Walking

New York City is making significant progress in accommodating these modes of transportation, which benefits employers and employees alike. CommuterLink can assist you in modifying your worksite to make it more friendly to bikers and walkers.

NYCCE Grants

With funding from a New York City Commute Enhancement (NYCCE) Grant, it's easier to support and promote commuting alternatives at your workplace. Some companies use this money to create incentive programs, giving out Metro Cards to employees who switch to mass transit or gas cards to people who carpool or vanpool. Other companies use their funding to buy communications equipment for teleworkers or install bike racks. If you have some ideas for how to improve the commute to your workplace, apply now for a NYCCE grant.