Relocation & Emergency Planning
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Is your business ready for whatever lies ahead?

Change, whether planned or unexpected, can be disruptive to your business. Moving to a new facility, for example, can lengthen the commute for some, making it more difficult to get to work. Other changes, including those brought about by a natural disaster or other catastrophic event, could threaten the very future of your business. CommuterLink can work with you to minimize the impact of such events by helping you develop a transportation contingency plan.

Business Relocation Services

If your company is planning to move to a new location in New York City, take advantage of CommuterLink's free services to help ease the transition. Good transportation planning will help you minimize employee turnover and foster company loyalty during a planned relocation.

Disaster Preparedness Planning

What would your company do if major roadways or the transit system became temporarily disabled because of a natural disaster, power outage or other catastrophic event? Today, the need for business continuity planning is readily apparent to most businesses. CommuterLink will work with you to develop a thorough backup plan so your business can remain in operation if disaster ever strikes.