Healthy Living
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A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce.

When people feel good both physically and mentally, they take fewer sick days, bring more energy to their tasks and get more work done. At CommuterLink, we offer a number of programs that promote a healthy environment and healthier, less stressful ways to get to work, including:

Clean Air NY

Clean Air NYClean Air NY is a dynamic collaboration of businesses and individuals dedicated to improving air quality in the New York metro area. That�s why Clean Air NY and CommuterLink have partnered. Together we are raising awareness about air pollution and encouraging daily travel choices that result in reduced vehicle emissions�a major source of air pollution.

You can help give New York a breath of fresh air. By making a few, small changes to your travel routine, you could make a big difference in our air quality. Motor vehicles are one of the largest sources of air pollution in the New York metro area and contribute to days when the air is unhealthy. Visit to find out what you and your organization can do to help clear our air.

Clean Air NY is sponsored by the New York State Department of Transportation in support of regionwide air-quality efforts.


By encouraging employees to carpool, vanpool or take mass transit, you reduce the number of cars on the road, resulting in cleaner air for everyone. In addition, employees who rideshare avoid the stress of driving alone to work, making them happier, healthier and more productive. As an employer, you can support vanpool formation and mass transit usage by offering tax-free transit subsidies to employees. You could also be eligible for a NYCCE grant to promote ridesharing initiatives, like improving your facilities to add preferential carpool/vanpool parking or offering an incentive program for employees who carpool.

Bike/Walk Friendly Worksites

Adding simple improvements like walkway lighting or bike racks/lockers can encourage employees to try these healthy commuting alternatives. As an employer, you'll derive many benefits, including reduced demand for parking, less absenteeism and increased productivity. You may also be eligible for a NYCCE Grant to cover the costs.