Financial Incentives
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Enjoy significant tax savings and financial benefits.

Establishing a Commuter Benefits program makes good financial sense for your company. From tax breaks to CommuterLink-sponsored grants, businesses offering these benefits can take advantage of numerous financial incentives. For example, you can reduce corporate and payroll taxes, provide valuable tax benefits to employees, qualify for substantial transit grants, make worksite improvements that help commuters, and reduce the cost of parking facilities. Take a closer look at the financial incentives available to you.

Pre-Tax Benefits

Whether you choose to subsidize your employees' commuting costs, or simply make benefits programs available that allow them to pay with pre-tax income, you'll both receive substantial value and savings by providing pre-tax transit benefits. Your company may also qualify for a matching grant (see below).

Parking Management

At many NYC work locations, parking is scarce or costly (or both). Parking management programs can ease the burden by offering valuable benefits to employees that translate to tax savings and facilities cost reduction for your company.