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Your guide to CommuterLink services and benefits

The chart below provides a comprehensive overview of the Commuter Benefits programs supported by CommuterLink, including the advantages for both employees and employers.

All of our services are free to employers and help qualify your company for recognition as one of the Best Workplaces for Commuters. All are designed to provide you with financial benefits, reduce your administrative burden and improve employee recruitment and retention.

Benefits Programs

What's in it
for Employers

What's in it
for Employees

Financial Benefits

Pre-Tax Benefits Save on payroll taxesSave on income taxes

Transit Subsidy Offer tax-free benefits to employees and save on payroll taxes; deduct all related costs
Qualify for substantial grants from CommuterLink
Qualify to be one of the Best Workplaces for Commuters
Gain tax-free compensation in the form of transit benefits

NYCCE Grant Qualify for up to $10,000 for transit-related projects to improve your worksite Enjoy a more attractive, employee-friendly work environment

Parking Management Manage scarce parking facilities and save on payroll taxes
Free up parking for customers
Qualify to be one of the Best Workplaces for Commuters
Pay less in taxes by paying for parking with pre-tax income
Gain greater convenience with priority spaces for ridesharing
Get cash by foregoing use of subsidized parking

Transportation Support

Transit Trip Planning Ease concerns during a planned relocation
Get assistance with re-routing due to an emergency
Get help planning the best routes to your office
Get assistance with re-routing during a planned relocation or emergency

Ridesharing Increase employee productivity
Reduce absenteeism
Qualify for substantial grants from CommuterLink
Enjoy a less stressful alternative to driving alone
Reduce commuting expenses
Become eligible to receive valuable rewards and incentives

Online Ridematching Offer a free service to employees on your company intranet Get assistance locating other riders for carpooling, single trips or vanpooling

Guaranteed Ride Home Get a free benefit supported by CommuterLink
Improve employee productivity by providing a worry-free commute
Get a free ride home in case of emergency

Biking & Walking Qualify for grants
Reduce parking demand
Get support in choosing a healthier way to work
Receive cash in exchange for subsidized parking

Variable Work Hours Manage traffic congestion at your worksite
Save on facilities cost
Have the option to take transit or rideshare without the stress of being late
Enjoy increased flexibility to balance work-life issues

Telework Attract valuable employees who might not be available to work on-site
Save on facilities cost
Improve employee morale by offering flexibility
Qualify to be one of the Best Workplaces for Commuters
Gain valuable time
Enjoy increased flexibility to balance work-life issues
Feel happier with their jobs

Other Benefits

Health & Environment Improve work environment
Reduce sick days
Gain positive PR
Enhance company image
Enjoy a better quality of life and health and a more pleasant work environment

Employer Recognition Join a prestigious list of employers recognized for their commuter benefits
Gain recognition and publicity
Enhance ability to attract prospective employees
Able to recognize companies that are leading-edge when it comes to employee-friendly commuter benefits

CommuterLink Support Receive financial incentives
Gain administrative assistance with commuter benefits
Free workforce and worksite surveying to determine needs and improvement opportunities
Have access to a full menu of support and services for all commuter-related needs