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We take on the administrative burden so you don't have to.

Worried about the administrative load of starting a commuter benefits program? Let CommuterLink shoulder the burden for you. We'll work with you to identify programs that will produce the most benefits for your company, recommend grants for which you qualify, explain how you can save a substantial amount on taxes, and much more.

From planning to implementation, we'll be there every step of the way – promoting programs on-site, walking employees through any new benefits or procedures, and overseeing all details. Let's say you want to offer pre-tax benefits. By surveying your workforce, we'll find out how much your employees would like to have deducted, and whether they'd prefer to receive this benefit in the form of MetroCards or vouchers. Then we'll take you through the sign-up process. We'll also work with your HR and payroll departments to make sure everything is deducted correctly.

Here are some of the free administrative services we offer to make life easier for your company and employees:

Employer Services

CommuterLink provides free onsite support and assistance to help you establish a customized Commuter Benefits program. We'll partner with you to create a solution that improves your employees' commute and addresses your company's needs – based on location, type of business, number of employees and other factors. We'll also identify programs that can provide you with financing – NYCCE grants, for example – and assist you in every facet of the implementation.

Workforce Surveying

CommuterLink will conduct a thorough assessment of your worksite and your employees' commuting patterns to determine your company's needs. Based on the results, we'll recommend specific solutions – for example, a new shuttle bus, vanpools, parking programs, grants for pedestrian crosswalks, equipment for teleworkers, transit routes for employees, or other services. Then, we'll work with your company and employees to set up any of the programs we recommend.

Transportation Days

Once you've decided which transportation benefits to offer, CommuterLink can host an on-site event to explain to your employees how your new programs work. At these Transportation Days, CommuterLink will provide literature and application forms – not to mention posters, t-shirts, contests and more – to encourage commuters to take full advantage of your Commuter Benefits program.

Employee Support

Member companies may refer any transportation-related questions that employees have to CommuterLink. We have an extensive menu of tools and services to help commuters plan mass transit routes, find others to share a ride with, subsidize empty vanpool seats and much more.

Business Relocation

If your company is moving to a new location in New York City, CommuterLink can ease the transition by providing employees with new transit routes, assistance in forming vanpools and carpools, and other helpful services.

Intranet Resources

We'll recommend and provide resources that you can put on your company Intranet, including online ridematching and real-time traffic updates.